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Fine Bicycle Repair

We are all about wrenching on bikes! It’s a vital part of every employee that works at The Garage, and our major reason for opening the shop. That’s why it’s the first thing you run into when you walk through the front door.


(Mountain Overhaul)

$400 + parts

  • Blue Ribbon plus:
  • Suspension oil and seal change
  • Full brake bleed and flush
  • Basic pivot service
  • New cables and housing included
  • Overhaul headset
  • Frame cleaned and polished

Blue Ribbon

(The Annual)

$175 + parts

  • "Just like our favorite beverage, this tune will quench your bikes thirst for maintenance"
  • Basic plus:
  • Remove and clean drivetrain in parts cleaner
  • Cable and housing replacement as needed
  • Brake lever bleed
  • Full wheel true, tension, dish and round


 (The Basic)

$85 + parts

  • "Most of the adjustments, none of the cleaning."
  • Basic Includes:
  • Safety check and evaluation
  • Adjust derailleurs
  • Adjust brakes
  • Lube chain, cables and housing
  • Basic wheel true
  • Adjust all bearings
  • Adjust tire pressure


(Road Overhaul)

$350 + parts

  • Annual plus:
  • Overhaul headset, hubs, and bottom bracket
  • Strip bike down to frame, clean and polish
  • New cables and housing included 


(Do Everything)

$1200 + parts

  • Overhaul plus:
  • New tires and tubes included (your choice)
  • New chain included
  • New brake pads included
  • New Bottom bracket included
  • Frame and fork waxed

Safety Check and



  • Includes no adjustments
  • Bolt and fastener check
  • General check over of bike including wheels, tires, chain, break, pads, and other hazards
  • Recommendation for maintenance and service. 

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