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Custom Bikes

Custom Built Bikes- If you can dream it, we can build it.

We may be called mechanics, but we see ourselves as Artists and bikes are our medium. We are passionate about building unique custom builds that are set up to perfectly match the rider’s needs. This is how we set up our own bikes and it’s how we want your bike to be, built for you! We think you deserve the same ride that we do. The ride of your dreams!

Full Bikes

Purchasing a new bike is a big deal! The bicycle is something that you spend some pretty special time with, and that machine should certainly be something that adds to the experience. Here at The Garage we believe that the bicycle is an extension of the rider and should reflect on their unique personality & specific riding needs. All riders out there are individuals and we build all our bikes to be just as unique and one of a kind as their owners. We work with local painters at Uber Lack Paint Shop, and a local graphic designer for the most one-of-a-kind bikes in the business. All builds feature a complementary consultation and quote (with tasty cold beverages), and will be fully assembled by one of our master mechanics. Frames will be faced and tapped, wheels are precisely built/trued, derailleur systems dialed, brakes adjusted to perfection, cables and housing tight and clean, perfect fit on the cockpit, and professionally adjusted suspension.

Custom Wheels

Wheels are one of the most important parts on a bike, and are a great spot to look for noticeable upgrade performance. If you are looking to pump a fresh breathe of life into your trusty stead, a hand build wheel set from The Garage, will do just that. All our wheel sets are 100% laced by hand, featuring the finest components in the industry. All components are hand measured for precise spoke length. The wheels go through a multi step stressing and tensioning process & include a complementary follow up true and tension.

Contact us to build your dream bike.

It’s been a long time dream to own a Yeti.  With its design and custom build, I’m now riding a machine that’s telling my skills to catch up.  It’s precise.  
Oh, not to mention it is the best handling bike I’ve owned or rode to date.  Happy trails.” – Shane

Custom Santa Cruz V10

Santa Cruz V10

Built For: Chris Charlton

Santa Cruz V10CC XXL

Custom painted spokes and rear shock spring

Onyx Hubs with custom MBG engraving

DVO Emerald inverted fork and Fox DHX2 rear shock

Knolly Warden Carbon – Panther Project

Knolly Warden Carbon – Panther Project

Built For: Steve Coen

Custom Painted Frame, Fork, & Spokes by Elbert’s Paint Shop

Custom Panther Pink Deity Bar & Stem

“The Garage” Engraved Onyx Racing Product Hubs & Twenty6 End Caps

Enve Composite Rims with custom Graphics

Shimano XTR Di2 Drive Train

Devinci Troy – Marah’s Whip

Built For: Marah

Built up for our good friend Marah. Shred on!

Yeti SB6c - Limelight

Built for: Ira Miller

Yeti Carbon Frame (150mm Travel)

Fox 36 (170mm Travel)

Custom powder coated Onyx Racing Product Hubs

Custom painted Sapim spokes by Elbert’s Paint Shop

Derby Hoops

Transition Patrol Carbon - "Wilson Edition"

Built for: Tara Wilson

Carbon frame, Rock Shox suspension front and rear, and a 1×11 drivetrain from Sram and Race Face. A sweet set of Onyx hubs laced up to the impressive Derby rims complete the package. 

Fatback Skookum

Built for: Phil Hess

Fatback Skookum Carbon Frame

Handlaced wheels featuring Atomik, Sapim, & Onyx Racing Products

Deity Bars and Peddles

Sram Xo1


Built for: Paula McClintock

Classic Austro-Daimler Frame

Custom Paint by Elbert’s Paint Shop

Hand Laced Wheels

Brooks Leather

Transition Scout – “High Vis” Edition

Built for: "For Sale"

125mm “Giddy Up” Suspension

DVO Diamond Fork

Derby/Onyx Racing/DT Swiss hand built wheels

Custom Painted Spokes by Elbert’s Paint Shop

“Bike of the Day” on on Oct, 3rd 2015

Knolly Warden – “The Squatch Wagon”

Built for: Keenan Charlton

Built to carry the “Squatch” to victory! Keenan’s Enduro/Trail weapon of choice.

Custom Graphics by Reese Designs

Atomik Carbon Hoops

Deity goodies

Knolly Warden – “Eighties-Tastic” 

Built for: TJ Lehman

Knolly Warden Frame

DVO Diamond Fork

Custom Decals by Reese Design

Custom Painted Spokes by Elbert’s Paint Shop

Hand Laced Wheel Set

Yeti SB6c “Ka-Pow!!”

Built for: Shane Mundt

SB6c Frame #Enduro!

Custom Painted Spokes by Elbert’s Paint Shop

XX1/Raceface Drivetrain

Deity Components! Bam!

Transition Patrol – “Williamson”

Built for: Mike Williamson

Knolly Warden – “Big Earl”

Build for: Evan Harmon

Knolly Warden Frame

DVO Diamond Fork

Atomik/I-Nine Wheels

Full Custom Decal on Frame/Fork/Rims by Reese Design

Devinci Spartan – “Xyphos”

Built for: Cole Johnson

Devinci Spartan Carbon Frame

Deity Components Cockpit

Garage hand laced wheels

Wheel Build – “Blue Candy”

Built for: Cooper Houston

We laced up this one off wheel set for Cooper and the end result is quite stunning.  The custom painted rims by Elbert Paint Shop started as a black with white graphics and after a bunch of super light layers of candy blue paint, these gems popped out of the paint booth.  Match that with a custom decaled set 240s and some Dt Swiss goodies to lace everything together and we end up with some very functional art.

Yeti SB5c – “Sarah" 

Built for: Sara Norrcott

Yeti SB5c Frame

Atomik Carbon Hookless Rims

Custom Painted Sapim CX-ray Spokes

Custom “The Garage” End Caps by Twenty6 Products

Surly Ice Cream Truck – “Blue Sparkle”

Built for: Tara Wilson

Surly ICT Frame

Clown Shoe 100mm Wide Rims

4.8? Tires

KS LEV Dropper Post

Gunnar Crosshairs – “Slack”

Built for: Kathy Slack

USA Built Gunnar Frame and Fork

Paul Cant Brakes

Hand Laced Wheels

Sram CX1 Drivetrain

Challenge Almanzo Open Tubular Tires

Surly Ice Cream Truck – “The Behemoth”

The Behemoth Received Bike of the Day on VitalMTB on October 19th 2014

Knolly Warden – “Elk Horn”

Built For: Garrett Norcott

Knolly Warden – “Red Fox”

Built for: Kettu

VitalMTB “Bike of the Day” on Sept. 21 2014


Built for: Steve Coen

Knolly 4×4 suspension

Enve m70 Rims

Custom Painted Spokes

Custom Fork & Hub Decals

Custom “The Garage” Engraved Pedals and End Caps

“Top 5 Banger Bikes of 2014” on

Gunnar Roadie – “Raska"

Built for: Steven Raska

USA built Frame and Fork

Full Ultegra 11spd Kit

Enve 3.4 SES Wheelset

Yeti SB66 Alloy – “Turquoise"

Built for: Demo

Built up as a demo bike for the 2014 season, this Yeti SB66 featured a matching set of custom painted wheels.  The Spokes were painted by Elberts Paint shop and match the iconic Yeti Turquoise frame perfectly.   We went with a black through the rest of the bike for a nice clean look.

Evil Uprising – “Lehman"

Custom Frame Graphics

Custom Fork Graphics

Twist Laced Wheels

Bike of the Day February 28, 2014 on

Knolly Endorphin – “Gold n’ Raw”

Built for: Andrew Franks-Ongoy

Santa Cruz V10 – “The Ring”

Built for: Joy and Marshall

Full Custom Painted Frame by Uber Lack Paint Shop

Custom Fork Decals

Custom Hub Decals

“Top 5 Banger Bikes of 2013” on VitalMTB

Epic Engagement Gift