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A sneaky ebike that's lightweight, powerful and has surprising range. All the on-trail traits of a Santa Cruz combined with the FAZUA RIDE 60 drive unit. 150mm of legendary VPP™ suspension, mixed wheels, and progressive geometry makes the Heckler SL a natural handling trail bike. Just with the added power of an ebike.

Available in: C & CC Carbon
Wheel Size: MX
Front Travel: 160mm
Rear Travel: 150mm
Drive unit: FAZUA RIDE 60
Battery Size: 430 Wh

Fazua Ride 60

The tough, light, smooth carbon frame contains the 430 Wh battery and quiet, frictionless FAZUA RIDE 60 motor. 

Power at Your Fingertips

With three power modes available at the touch of the ring controller you choose how much push you want and how much range you get. 

Customize Via App

Customize your ride modes and access more information via the FAZUA app.

Shop online or visit us today to get yours.